Song of the day

Song of the Day 04.12.09

Yep – two days in a row. I am on a roll. This one’s a fave of mine… good to write to and great for relaxing. Check it out…

Song of the Day 03.12.09

I really need to keep on top of this Song of the Day thing, which has become about as frequent as a Hammersmith & City line tube in recent weeks. Today is a song I hadn’t heard for a while and still love. Although, I still find it odd that the chanting of monks in Latin/French is strangely erotic. Hey-ho, must be all of that inner religious repression… Enigma classic

Song of the Day 10.09.09

It’s been a while – so here’s a good one to make up for it. Everything’s in slow motion… Days of Fire…

Song of the Day 24.08.09
I have got seriously lazy at doing this, but it’s not because a shortage of good tunes. I just keep listening to the same ones! The one that stands out for me this weekend…. one for the lovers

Song of the Day 14.08.09

My god, haven’t heard this in yonks. Still know all of the words and am proud to do so… Call me Al (please don’t. I prefer Betty).

Song of the Day 13.08.09

Right, today’s song of the day (I’m feeling indecisive, so may well do two), but am enjoying this band who I hadn’t heard before until recently – a bit of post hardcore from Thrice

Song of the Day 10.08.09

Am loving this at the moment… A bit of Frankmusik to brighten up the dullest of Mondays…

Song of the Day 05.08.09

Doing some writing to this song today… it suits my mood… Ida Maria – You keep me warm

Song of the Day 04.08.09

I declare this to be one of the best dance songs/remixes/songs in general ever. So there. There are lots of remixes, and even though this one can be a little bit ‘Alvin Simon Theodore’ at times, it has a great build-up and climax… Enjoy the Silence

Song of the Day 03.08.09

This may be a sign of my frustration at being sat in work… but it’s something a bit different. I can picture some embarassing robotics going on to this one…. enjoy some Boys Noize

Song of the Day 31.07.09

Song of the day is in danger of being song of the month, due to a two-week holiday. Today I am liking this record a lot. Nice sexy Scottish accent. Just wouldn’t be the same with a Wurzel voice would it? Anyway, check this out for a good old toe-tapper

Song of the Day 17.07.09 continued…

This is one for my friend and esteemed colleague Mr Jon ‘the manliest man you’ll ever meet’ Severs. Respect.

Song of the Day 17.07.09

Following my mate Lynn’s protest, I will now embed my links, seeing as though I work online. Point taken. Anyway, song of the day today… a bit of the best of Lynyrd Skynyrd, coz I is feeling free as a bird. Innit.

Song of the Day 16.07.09 continued…

As this is the first day, I am experimenting with the reaches of WordPress to see how I get on. In that case, here’s another song…Sia’s Beautiful Calm Driving…  (I laugh at how she says ‘you have turned into a nutter’! She doesn’t but it sounds like it, a lot!)

Song of the day 16.07.09

I have decided to attempt to do a song of the day. There is no way that I will be committed enough to do this every day, or even remember to, so in fact the title is misleading. However, when I do post, I will try to make sure they are half decent. They will generally be Spotify links (but I imagine Spotify will soon be like swine flu – an overrated epidemic but everyone will have it).

Let’s start with a old’ un but a good ‘un. It’s called ‘Fatback‘, which always makes me smile. It’s by Mongo Santamaria – makes me feel summery…


5 responses to “Song of the day

  1. Make them hidden links. Jesus woman, you work online.

  2. Hola :)\ just passed by consedince while searching for a song in some blogs 🙂 anyway nice blog gotta check it out hope you accept me as a follower and a friend blogger. thanks ^^

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