Some stuff about me

I think I am meant to say something about me – I am 27, live in London and love writing. I use this blog as light relief from trying to write a novel (that I have been doing ever since I was born I think!) but it usually is just a place for me to have a moan about issues that wind me up, mainly relating to feminism and gay rights. With the odd bit of music thrown in.

Thanks for reading this blog, feel free to subscribe, post the link elsewhere, or even better, comment on any of the stuff I have spouted.

Sometimes it’s trivial, sometimes a high horse comes by and I get on its back, but either way, I hope you enjoy and don’t hunt me down with a big stick.


4 responses to “Some stuff about me

  1. Karrie

    I didn’t know you liked a good moan? 🙂

    Well done on the blog Chloe – keep it going! xx

    • cloblog

      Thank you me dear :0) I’ve been rubbish of late, as still trying to write a blimmin’ book, but will return when something pisses me off enough to write about it!

  2. Kiera

    Hiya chloe your doing well with the blog keep it up. I like the blog about the movies we watched. I laughed. Love you, kiera

  3. Hello

    I am organizing a series of events in London at the beginning of April. It will aim to raise awareness on Objectification of women in mass media and promote young artists in the same time. Proceedings will go to support – a charity that deals with this issue.

    You can learn more about the project and our blog where I have written a couple of articles (I have a lot more on the subject just don’t have the time to edit it in presentable form:)))

    I will need some help with publicity and in fact – any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated. I am also looking for speakers for the evening, already have some lecturers from London Met. Psychology department, but anyone who is familiar with the issue is welcome to join.

    Let me know if that is something of interest.


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