David Cameron’s homosexual U-turn is gay

See no evil, hear no evil, speak shit

See no evil, hear no evil, speak shit

According to one Mr Elton John, sorry seems to be the hardest word. Ironic then, that David Cameron MP has chosen that word to orchestrate a re-branding of the Tory Party when it comes to gay issues.

Apparently, Dave is ‘sorry’. He is sorry that the Conservatives have such a rubbish track issue when it comes to gay rights. Why now you ask? Hmm… pre-election propaganda perchance?

He has offered an apology for section 28 – the notoriously discriminatory legislation that banned the “promotion” of homosexuality in schools – calling it “offensive to gay people”. No shit Sherlock.

Funny then, that he voted in favour of this legislation as recently as 2003. That is not a long time ago – S Club 7 were splitting up and Madonna was snogging Britney. It was not the dark ages.

This could just be a blip I hear you blue-eyed blue-brained supporters cry. It could be yes. But it’s not. Although he says he supports civil partnerships, he also voted last year to restrict access for lesbian couples trying to conceive through IVF.  Fortunately, this Conservative-proposed amendment was defeated.

So is ‘sorry’ going to cut it? No. It’s a turncoat that says one thing and says another. Sure, people can repent and change their minds, but he is an MP and not just any MP – he is the opposition Prime Minister, probably soon to become the head of this country. I want him to be trustworthy – changing teams (metaphorically speaking) is easy to do – following the crowd and bowing under peer pressure. I am sure he is a nice guy. I am sure he is perfectly pleasant to gay people. So why vote in favour of discriminatory laws that stifle large parts of the population and strangle the differences that make us all human?

I must take a breath. I have had a rant that involves a minimal amount of sarcasm. I guess it just pisses me off that our MPs are so dishonest.

Sorry isn’t the hardest word, it’s one of the easiest. If Duncan, Lee, Simon and Anthony can get their heads around it, surely the politicians in Blue can.



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2 responses to “David Cameron’s homosexual U-turn is gay

  1. Did you really have to mention S Club 7 splitting up? Old wounds, Chloe, old wounds.

    David Cameron is a knob.

    I like your Blue joke.

    And other unconnected things.

  2. PS. Good picture. Did Dinah help?

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